Opera mobile web browser

The first thing you notice when you open up the opera browser is the speed dial function. Here you can put all your favorite sites in one go. It’s easy managable, just press and hold a favorite to move or remove it. Drop a favorite on top of another to create a folder. It’s kind alike a bookmark page. Here you can add frequently visit sites, visit the opera mobile store and even support folders.

Opera discover feature

Next to that there’s the discover feature. It’s essential a news feed which let you checkout news from different toppics. The offroad feature is realy cool it only loads the essentials of a webpage which allows you to load websites much faster. If you prefer a bottem menu you can select this under settings. To the left of the adressbar there’s a plus button which you can use to add a page for offline viewing or add it too your speeddiale.

Opera offroad function

There are no more bookmarks because this function is replaced by speed dial. The new design is clean and more friendly to the open eye. The simplicity makes the opera mobile browser easy to use. The offroad function is realy nice to save data when you have a limited data mobile service. But with realy big websites sometimes the loading gets a little bit jumpy. Give opera a shot it’s realy living up to it’s promiss.

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