Opera download

The Opera web browser can be downloaded for free on the official page of Opera, click here. Opera is very easy to use, it’s very fast and safe in use. The browser has a clean interface. Popups can be easily blocked, so no more interruptions during your precious time. Opera is suitable for all the main stream operating systems, such as Windows, Linux, Mac and more. Opera has also a free browser for mobile phones, check out the opera mini page.

opera browser

Opera Browser download

  • When you’ve download the Opera Browser, double click the shortcut which is created on your desktop. This will open the browser.
  • You can change the preselected websites by right click on the picto to add a change of website. Or you just hit the plus in the square and add a new website.
  • In the right corner you see a small picto, click it to change colums or to select your own background image.
  • You can suf the internet anonymous using Opera, go to settings to select anonymous websurfing.
  • You can store your bookmarks so you can access your favorites sites whereever you are in the world
  • There are a lot keyboards shortcuts. For instance if you have full screenmode (F11) and than hit (F4) you will get an additional bar on the left side of the screen.
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